Food Trends in 2020

Each year, there’s something new trending in the food industry. Fondue pots, Cronuts, Dippin Dots – Refine takes a look at what you can expect to see in the year ahead.

Though it’s always been a favorite of ours, Gnocchi is hot in 2020. Trader Joe’s has jumped on this trend with all kinds of options from sweet potato, kale, sauced stuffed and even chocolate. It’s quick, delicious and comforting. Take a look for even more options to come on the market.

A twist on charcuterie boards is all the rage, especially on Instagram. We’ve seen french fry boards with curly, wedge, truffle, sweet potato and waffle with various dipping sauces to boot. Candy boards? All kinds of nostalgic treats for a movie night! Pretzels, chips – the canvas, er, board is yours to create what you wish. People are getting creative and really there is no limit to what you can do.

Sea-cuterie. Curing fish like meat for your charcuterie boards. This could be a trend we could get behind. Think monkfish steaks and salted cod – a twist on the classic but something that’s for sure intriguing; especially for your pescatarian friends!

Lasagna. That’s right. The Wall Street Journal predicted lasagna would be the popular recipe choice this year. Why The Wall Street Journal? Check out the full article here but we’re apt to believe they might be right.

Peas! Peas in smoothies, pea protein, all things peas are on the rise. Even pea milk! Kids will have so much fun when that hits shelves!

Whatever the trend, we’re on board as long as it’s #foodsafetyfirst