Restaurant Consulting

RefineUS can help singly owned or multi-unit restaurants with menu development, food cost, labor cost, BLW cost, product sourcing, cost-saving techniques, inventory planning & control, and training material for both front of house and back of house. All of these efforts are geared towards improved profitability for your restaurant.

Menu Development

From creating single new and innovative menu items to an entire revamp of your restaurant’s menu, we can seamlessly handle the entire process.

Food Cost

An accurate understanding of the complete underlying costs involved in both preparing and serving your restaurant’s food can make the difference between success and failure.

Labor Cost

From the overnight cleaning crew to the Executive Chef, labor is a crucial cost of doing business that must be regularly evaluated and tweaked to ensure financial goals are achieved.

BLW Cost

Beer, liquor, and wine can provide a boost to your bottom line if they are properly selected, sourced, and priced. We have expertise in all three.

Product Sourcing

Ensuring that the best products are sourced in the most efficient manner can save both time and money.

Cost-Saving Techniques

Cost savings can be realized by ensuring the best possible procurement costs and by focusing on eliminating waste by cross utilizing both products and people to save overall cost.

Inventory planning and control

Inventory may be an asset on a balance sheet, but in a world of expiration dates, keeping your inventory aligned with your day-to-day needs is crucial. Systems must be in place and staff must be trained to use them to achieve a balance.

Training Material for both front of house and back of house

Providing consistency is paramount to the success of a restaurant. Consistency is only achieved by setting the expectation, training all staff how to achieve the expectation, and finally holding all stakeholders accountable according to their training.