About Us


Refine was founded in January 2016 as an effort to assist food service and related industries with a wide variety of consulting needs. Initial projects included food costing, labor management, startup assistance, inventory management, and overall general management. As the company continued to grow, it became clear that the need for food certifications was prevalent among both current and potential clients. Beginning in 2019, the firm was renamed from Refine to RefineUS. Along with the renaming of the business, staff was brought on board with expertise in this new and exciting arena. The firm stands ready to assist food and food-service related firms with a wide array of their business and operational needs. You can learn more about all of RefineUS’s services by clicking the Services title above.

Throughout all projects, RefineUS’s underlying mission is to help companies meet and exceed their goals. While systems are employed to keep services consistent, RefineUS is purposefully set up to be agile and able to adapt solutions to each company’s individual needs and goals.