SQF Certification

RefineUS provides consultation, support, and internal SQF training to food facilities/sites (manufacturing, processing, wholesale & distribution, etc.), for the sites to achieve the SQF certification.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification  is a globally recognized food safety and food quality certification that meets and exceeds local, international, and regulatory requirements. SQF certification is Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked and hence recognized and accepted around the world!

GAP Analysis

We can conduct an elaborate GAP analysis for you in order to help you identify the GAP’s in your process/system and direct you towards the next steps


Developing Modules/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

Our SQF registered consultant can develop modules and SOP’s for your company to be compliant with the SQF standard. We can help create modules to be compliant with the SQF Food Safety Code and the SQF Quality Code for Food Manufacturing, Food Wholesale & Distribution, Food Packaging, etc., thus helping you develop “say what you do”


SQF Modules Implementation

We can direct, guide, and assist you towards the successful implementation of the entire SQF System and help you with “do what you say”.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan (HACCP) development

Our HACCP certified expert can conduct a hazard analysis for your entire process from the step of receiving to shipping, identify control points & critical control points, develop and implement monitoring procedures and record keeping logs


Food Safety & Food Quality Plan Development

A fundamentally robust food safety plan and a food quality plan adds higher value to a company, provides a competitive benefit, and protects a company form the risks of product recalls and market withdrawals. We can help you achieve these goals.


Allergen Control program

We can help you create an allergen control program including the allergen control protocols at the step of receiving, storage, production scheduling, product rotation, and shipping


Chemical Control Program

It is not just crucial to clean and maintain your facility and products in sanitary condition, but it is equally crucial to identify and purchase the right type of chemicals for a particular type of operation. We can be your chemical guide.

Sanitation Program

Cleanliness and Sanitation of a food facility is the foundation of it’s business. We can help you create a Master Cleaning and Sanitation Schedule (MSS) and the Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s) to be spot on.


Food Defense Program

We can help you protect your business from not only accidental damage (food safety) but also from incidental damage (food defense) by analysis and developing a detailed Food Defense Program


Environmental Monitoring Program

An effective environmental monitoring program is the key to preventing product and environment pathogen contamination leading to product recall. We can help you develop an effective and efficient environmental monitoring program.


Internal Audit Program

We can help you develop and implement an internal audit program so you and your organization is audit ready every day for any audit: SQF, USDA, FDA, Health Department audits, etc.


Training and Education

It is not just important to know “how to do it” but also to know “why to do it”. We are here to help you understand the how’s, why’s, and why not’s by providing customized company-wide training and education.


Audit Support and Presence

The SQF audit process in general (desk audit, facility audit, recertification audit, and especially the unannounced SQF audit) can be stressful and overwhelming. Our SQF certified consultant will be present throughout the audit duration, representing your organization, providing support, and answering questions during the audit to prevent points deduction.