Good Manufacturing Practices Certification (GMP)/ Third Party Audit Certification

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit is an inspection conducted by third parties based on FDA guidelines to verify that a food company is manufacturing food that is safe and consistent in quality. GMP certification is issued following the successful completion of the GMP audit.

GAP Analysis for GMP audit

We can conduct an elaborate GAP analysis for you in order to help you identify the GAP’s in your process/system and direct you towards the next steps in the third party GMP certification program.


Developing Standard Operating Procedures

We can develop and implement the food safety and GMP SOP’s that apply to your facility.


Food Safety Program

We can help you identify and develop all the required food safety programs such as:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Program
  • Calibration Program,
  • Customer complaint program,
  • Emergency Disaster Management Program
  • Hold & Release program,
  • Microbial control program
  • Non-conforming Product Program,
  • Pest Control Program,
  • Preventive Maintenance Program,
  • Shelf-life and Finished Product Testing Program
  • Supplier Approval program,



Our HACCP certified expert can conduct a hazard analysis for your entire process from the step of receiving to shipping, identify control points & critical control points, develop and implement monitoring procedures and record keeping logs


Implementation of Food Safety System

We can direct, guide, and assist you towards the successful implementation of the entire GMP Program and the record keeping logs


Mock GMP/Third-party audit

We can conduct mock GMP audit as per the third-party audit certification standards, so you and your organization are successfully prepared and ready towards the actual GMP certification audit.


Communication and coordination with the auditing body

From helping you identify the auditing body and the auditor to coordinating with the auditing body until the successful completion of the audit, we are here to assist.


Training and Education

It is not just important to know “how to do it” but also to know “why to do it”. We are here to help you understand the how’s, why’s, and why not’s by providing customized company-wide training and education


Audit Support and Presence

The GMP audit process in general can be stressful and overwhelming. Our GMP certified consultant will be present throughout the audit duration, representing your organization, providing support, and answering questions during the audit to prevent points deduction.