Food Safety Modernization
Act (FSMA) Compliance

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the most fundamental change to food safety regulations in the United States over 70 years. FSMA is transforming the nation’s food safety system by shifting the focus from responding to foodborne illness to preventing it. Every food processing, manufacturing, distribution company in the nation needs to be compliant with the applicable FSMA regulations within the determined time-lines.

Preventive Controls Based Food Safety Plan

Our FSMA certified expert can conduct a preventive control-based hazard analysis for your entire process from the step of receiving to shipping, identify preventive controls and process preventive controls, develop and implement monitoring procedures and record keeping logs


Preventive Controls and Process Preventive Controls SOP

Our FSMA certified expert can help you identify the preventive controls applicable to your processing such as: Supply chain Preventive control, Sanitation Preventive Control, Allergen Preventive Control, and any Process Preventive Control and develop an elaborate SOP to monitor the Preventive Controls


Recall Plan

From developing an effective recall plan to be compliant with the FSMA requirements to conducting mock recall and traceability exercises, we are here to assist


Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI)

Every facility that needs to be compliant with the FSMA regulations requires a PCQI to develop and implement the FSMA Food Safety Plan. Our PCQI can represent your organization and be your PCQI in order to fulfill this critical requirement


Implementation of the FSMA Food Safety System

We can direct, guide, and assist you towards the successful implementation of the entire FSMA Program and the record keeping logs


PCQI Training and Education

Our certified FSMA lead instructor can train, educate, and certify you to be a PCQI in order to lead the FSMA Food Safety Plan development at your facility


Unannounced FSMA inspections

We offer turn-key services, so you are prepared to successfully face an unannounced FDA FSMA inspection. At the same time, we will be available to provide audit support by being present throughout the audit duration, representing your organization, and answering questions during the audit to prevent FDA non-compliance