About RefineUS

Anagha "Ana" Deshpande

Owner & Food Safety Consultant

Hi, I’m Anagha, Ana for short and I am here to help with your food safety and quality needs.

After almost a decade of working in food safety positions for companies large and small, I had the opportunity to help local manufacturers in the State of Utah with their food safety challenges. That’s when I realized that I could do so much more in helping local food companies in Utah and around with their food safety needs and RefineUS was born.

I believe that food companies are invested in doing the best for their customers – they just need help to refine¬†their processes to certify and pass audits. As an American company looking to help American firms deliver the exceptionalism that is truly American, I added the “US” to the name of “RefineUS”. Secondarily, when I begin an engagement, I see myself as an extension of the team that I’m working with – and we become “us”. That’s why I chose the name RefineUS.

I am passionate about food safety and in helping businesses succeed with their food safety needs. I have done this multiple times as a practitioner in the industry, and more recently with clients big and small. I’ve worked with federal, state, and local health departments and have helped companies certify against various food safety and quality certifications including HACCP, GMP, SQF, and FSMA in the US, and GFSI overseas. With an average score of 98.5% in food safety audits I have helped companies with across over 120+ audits, I bring solid experience and a great track record to help you with your audit and certification needs!

Most of all, nothing matters more to me than helping a local business succeed! Salt Lake City is home to me, my husband, our adorable Golden Retriever and RefineUS. If you are a business in Utah or its surrounding states, I’m always available to your team either on the phone or to meet in person and answer any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • M.S Food Science
  • B.S Biotechnology

Expertise & Certifications:

  • SQF (registered consultant)
  • GMP
  • GAP
  • FSMA
  • Lead FSMA instructor
  • Food labeling